Communication is the key

Its 9 days in to march and I have have thought up so many things to write about but I have had a lack of ability to communicate.

I am tired all the time and insomnia is savage atm. I am struggling to just get a few hours sleep or, on bad nights just not wake H up so at least he can drive and work safely.

My anxiety has been a big contributor to counter, I have delved into my old standby philosophy and ethics. Always good to stretch the mind.

An ex, has been spreading lies about me, and whilst I don't care, I have a loathing for two faced, self important people. In no way will he ever say he is wrong and even gave me a list of answers to a narcissist symptom list to prove he was NOT a narcissist. .. OK I could use psychopath.. as he lacks empathy. If he uses asperger's one more time as an 'excuse ' I will break his nose.

I deal with people on the Autism spectrum all the time and was married to a highly functioning Aspy. In no way is it en excuse to be so cruel. Only psychopaths are so lacking in empathy.


With every storm there is growth and I have met two lovely local ladies. One very close to me.


I have been shopping my wardrobe, ferreting out pieces that have been buried or with tags still on.
In therapy, I came to the realisation that I am tired of shopping. I am tired of clutter, mess, piles, and clothes everywhere.
The idea fatigues me.
 ANYWAY.. After the cut are my dirty mirror photos :)

On Monday I went anti-grey for work

Saturday. the dog, H and I went bushwalking

I completed a watercolour

Awesome shoe/boots

Work outfit  Monday last

Workout outfit Wednesday last (This skirt started the fight)

The checkered skirt in the last photo is from Society Plus. You can get a berry coloured one here.


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