NZ Curvettes - Sheer

Sheer! I do like sheer. To a point.. I am not one to flash my undies to the world... but there are some lovely, tasteful items of clothing out there and I know some are in my wardrobe.

OK I  was going to do a new photo for this post but my shifts have not left me with time. BOOOOO

SOOO Here are some old fav.

This cover all if from Ezibuy. I got it on sale and adore it. I wear it in the house to answer the door. Sure its sheer, but the pattern distracts from that. :)  I don't have a pool to swan about in it so the house will have to do. 

Can't leave out my special crow shirt from PhoSizzle. XOXOXOXOXOX Yes I know you saw this in the tee challenge but I just love this shirt. 


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