Friday, March 11, 2016

Womankind magazine

I had lots of ideas for blog posts.. I did… but pain from a mild infection in my surgery scar has thrown me for a loop.
I have been reading an excellent magazine that I found reasonably recently. I was curious, as the mag cost $41.95 which is NOT cheap, but it if printed in Australia and it appealed to my mindset at the time I spotted it. I so rarely go into newsagencies now. I refuse to read the newspapers and I try to minimise the effects of the world’s depressing news by avoiding the evening broadcasts.
What drew me in was, at the top was the phrase “Searching for your future self.”
That day I was at a crossroads and feeling quite lost.
I bought the magazine. Flipping through it before work, there was no advertising! This is sooo very refreshing!. The mag is more of a book, it is well bound and quite thick.

I had bought issue 7 – Turtle

This was  a great read but it was issue 1- Butterflies that hit me.

 It spoke to my indecision and has set my goals for the next stage of my life.

They had an article on Lilli Morgan and I had to get out a pen to highlight some passages from that article.
“Human life of overwhelming…(snip) but it is the vast spaces of nature that provides us with the most respectful reminder of all that exceeds us” and “Buying things may create moments of happiness, but it doesn't add up to sustained happiness – that is something totally different.”

This struck me. Really struck me.

I turned the page after I let it sink in to find another article about Lyma Nguyen, a Commonwealth prosecutor in Darwin.  

“People tend to have less and less time for face-to-face contact and human interaction. There is too much emphasis on capturing the moment and reproducing it, rather than on relishing it and letting it go.”

Yes. I have found when I travel with my good camera, I fuss so much on getting the right shot that I miss a lot of what the guide it saying or I am trying to get the golden moment shot and I miss the lizard running over my feet.  I have to learn to enjoy the moment and live my life to create memories for me and my loved ones.

Did they write this magazine for me?? Seriously in two pages I have had so much fuel for thought that it engaged me for the next few days. I closed the book with the sentence “..(snip) we can only be truly free by accepting that we can ;leave this world at any moment”

This is my new mantra.

“we can only be truly free by accepting that we can leave this world at any moment”

There are such lovely illustrations.. If you can’t get a copy of this, issue 7 is electronic and if they do the back issues electronically, you won’t get to feel the beautiful paper but you will be able to dive into a wonderful thought provoking magazine.

From this article.. (Not many from this issue are online, I pulled this.. It is sooo me. 

"We often buy goods to feel better about ourselves, but then realise that they do no such thing. Once in our possession, a gulf appears between how we expected to feel and the run-of-the-mill reality of still being the same person, with all our doubts and ambivalences intact."

I agree with Simone De Beauvoir in this they everyone is responsible for their own lives, for drawing their own destinies.

I am going to try to follow a new path and spend more time doing things that appeal to my more creative side. I am aiming to chase my study dreams and try to learn watercolour and sketching. Who knows if I will have time but why not aim high??

Now, to relearn how to concentrate on the printed word.

Are/were you at a cross roads? Have you found anything that tickles your creative or philosophical side?? Do you study ethics? I would love to hear your thoughts.. 

OK off to read issue 2!!

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