Flooding of Picton

As all Australian's know, the NSW coast was struck by an epic storm and this was in association with a king tide of 2.18m on Sunday.

Work was a nightmare as we struggled against the weather to hold the network together and social media decided this was a good time to vilify people trying to keep things working. 
Whilst I was at work all weekend, my little town was washed out by a flash 2m flood from Stone quarry creek. The main street was damaged, some businesses will be unable to return, the pizza shop looks like a fire bomb hit it, the neighbouring barbers and gift shop are also missing their shop fronts. The fronts of the shops were torn away leaving large gaping spaces of mud and debris. 
Across the road, the liquor lost its rear brick wall and all its stock was exposed. No one stole anything until Monday when people from out of town arrived to loot the place. Police are having to do patrols. 
The supermarket has had to throw away all its stock. Everything piled high in the car park. 

The council, to its credit, has set up facilities to assist volunteers with food and drink and the community has rallied to help bring the town back and assist what businesses that choose to return. 
The Prime Minister toured the town today.. Unimpressed. Unless he gets his $$$$$suit dirty helping clean up, go away and let the people repair and rebuild. Go back to campaigning. 

I for one, will be happy to go back to my local pub for a beer as soon as they open again. 
 Edit: Picton has been declared a natural disaster zone which is good in that businesses will get federal govt support in rebuilding. 

OK from here, NOT my photos. these are taken by locals on Sunday and the next day, Monday the 6th June. Mostly from my FB stream.
George IV became lakeside

Then beer in the pool

New lake in the George IV sitting area

Photos from the local firebrigade above and below from ABC Local news 97.3fm


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