The long walk

Right, so as promised, the LONG walk. God, I barely get off the sofa and with this uni workload I have spent my days on my arse. 
H and I took the hound on a long walk to the Sharp point lookout. Again it's in Buxton, and it even starts at the same place as the Dobson's cave walk. 

From the pylons, you keep walking along the fire trail. This means it is sort of a dull walk.. unless you take notice of the rocks and the soil that changes as you go. From purple to yellow then the colours change to white and red.. fantastic. The weather has confused the plants and the wattle is out early.

It was at the 5.5k mark when we got a reward for our hiking along this long long long road. 

I earned this.
Dog was over it. 
I don't know. Why is this here?

Lady's Waist lookout. Stunning.

Onwards we slogged to the Sharp peak lookout were Heath accidently flung our water bottle for the return trip over the cliff face. SIGH. 8.6km to go and NO water. Epic oops.
The complete walk via Fitbit.

Yummy lunch. 

I should have brought some coffee. Ah well. Sharp's point was a lovely place for lunch. Neither of us finished our lunch. On the return, neither H or I could find the turn off we had planned so we just headed back the way we came. All went well until Lady's Waist. Only 3km into the return when I was struggling to lift my feet properly. I have a nail that is pressing on my toe so this was beginning to ache badly.  I was still cold even after such a long walk, earlier, H had given me his cap to keep my body heat in better. It made a difference.
 I was very happy to see the car after 4 hours. :) The dog decided in the last 4km to get lost in the bush twice. ARGH. We had to keep calling him and waiting before moving onwards. Silly hound.

All warmed up in the car, we stopped off at the George for a beer and a tub of water for the puppy. (YAY! They have opened after the floods) then home to a cup-a-soup and a hot shower.



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