Update - Back from break?? Maybe

SO. It's been two months since I blogged. I have thought about it, but with two months of busy bee activities and mental health struggles, I have not managed a single word.


A lot that has gone on has been awesome, but recently I have struggled with life in general. I am driven never to quit but also to keep trying new things.
I took on two tertiary courses, one university course and one degree for work. There has been a lot of extra shifts or just no relief, as others have had their personal battles, one colleague is dealing with the death of his wife last Xmas, and the coroner's court is still dragging things up. His absence and the general demotivation of staff with the new shift fight has meant no-one is motivated to do more than the bare minimum, and even that is a struggle.

Heath and I have been bushwalking to help give me some outside time, but this is every two weeks. The rest of the fortnight has had me working inside, in a cave.

Winter has been warm for the most part, some days over 20C so this has lead to some glorious days being missed by me. BOO.

I have been back to buying clothes, but in my defence, I have been selling a lot of clothes. I would sell three and buy one. It doesn't help that my favourite two enablers have layby.. :) (Thanks to Kitty deluxe and Pretty In Pinup (Adelaide) for being patient, generous with your on-line time and HAVING LAYBY! I have broken my budget only a few times, and that means I have been living almost within my means. Selling clothes has helped this.

I realised today that I have missed Outfit August so I will do a roundup in my next post. I have been dressing brightly to stay perky myself, but I have had days where I have slipped into black and hiding mode.

Wearing a happy mask for the outside world
I had a break down last week resulting in time off. Oh yay. :( I DON'T suffer depression now, that is managed, but my DR has said I have now severe anxiety, and this means I rarely want to leave the house. IF I do exit the house, I am worrying about everything and my heart rate rises, I shake and want to run. Heath has been super supportive. I asked the DR for anMental Health plan which (Under the Labor Govt) gave you ten free (Govt subsidised) sessions with a psychologist. With the Healthcare reforms, the Liberal govt has made it 80% covered, and you have to pay the $125 per session UPFRONT, and Medicare will refund you the 80% WHAT!!??

OK in my case, I have a supportive partner who can give me the cash to pay upfront but let's say a person who is minimum wage and saves to pay rent and food. $1200 per fortnight... let's say after tax (That's actually a high figure) $400 per week is rent. (This IS Sydney after all) We have $400 for food and clothes and utilities.. My electricity bill was $220 last quarter so let's take that out, we have $180. I need to eat.. so you can see $125 is a HUGE amount to ask someone and only to get 80% back sometime in the future. Does my person not eat for a fortnight and get treated OR eat and suffer? Seriously?! This is not the USA. Why do people have to miss out on healthcare to eat? What is wrong with the world.
As I said I am a lucky one. That escalated.. HAHAHA Photos below!!

Oh and WE HAVE NBN!!! Whoohoo!

Mt Kembla Lookout 21/08/2016

Lower Escarpment trail (13km) 06/08/2016


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