Review last quarter 2016

There are times when I have missed blogging. Most of the time though, its been a relief to think up things to write, or whinge and put myself out there, but it is the end of the year, and I have been thinking more and more of reviving my blog. Maybe I am ready to return? 

Since August, a few things have occurred. I have since complete 2 terms of the year long Diploma of Rail Management. One term to go and this last term seems the most frightening.  8 Modules and 2 assignments in a 13? week period. Still one term means it if almost over, more than half way. 
I went to the UK to visit Heath's side of the family. His mother was a lovely and welcoming as ever and I got to meet some awesome people. Heath's father, for one. Thought, I think he is as stubborn as I am :). I had some initial misgivings of travelling to see people I didn't know with a guy I have only known for just over a year but what the hell. It worked out great!

  Two of Heath's teenagers travelled with us and they were easy to travel with. We made the best of the short time we had with them, and then travelled even farther afield.

I got to meet the beautiful Philippa and her man in Manchester and then the amazing hooman that is Leah in the south. Her beloved was sick so we had a lunch i the pub without him. Because of my friends, I got to go to places I had never seen in the UK. (Forgot to get a photo with Philippa, which was stupid.. BOO but Leah and I didn't make the same mistake. ) 

Leah and Me!

Heath's Dad took us to Ireland where Heath and I discovered a love for Galway and I had my first drive is foreign land. I have always and still do, love Ireland and I hope Heath and I can explore it further in the future. 

I dragged Heath's mother across the countryside by train, a 12 hour ride she may never recover from. Ha, she and I had a ball and Heath managed to get us to John o'Groats by bus on a weekend.  My love of wild remote places is intact and Thurso is certainly one of those!  

Sooooo glad Sandra loves adventures and was willing to head off to a point on the map just because I asked her. 
November was mostly a drag, due to having been hit by a lot of HUGE bills. The day after we returned, the car needed rego and there goes $2000 in insurance and tax etc.. then my license expired. MORE money gone.. (I did get 50% off due to great records) 
Work work work.. 

Heath, Callum, Fabian and I went to Jamberoo Recreation park and had a ball. I challenged myself with fake waves in the wave pool, and was doing great only to be dunked (Heath says accidently) and I was back to square one. Bah. Even scraped my foot in the panic to get out of the water. 

Back to the gym, due to Fabian prompting me. The local gym is working out for me.  I can barely walk on my sore knees, but get on a treadmill and the years melt away. I can enjoy running due to the soft treadmill surface. :) Up to 3km.. inching towards 5km then, 10. 

Xmas I spend with my brother Stuart, his wife, Mel, her mother, my mother, Fabian and Heath. We had a ball trying to make balloon animals.

Now, working through to late January. :( The next year bring a mass exodus for the women in my work, leaving only 4 of us.  Goodness knows how many guys will leave. Some are talking the next few months. We are so short staffed already and this will only mean more hours at short notice. Least I will be able to pay the mortgage eh? 

Anyway.. lets bring on 2017!


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