OOTD 2016 a year in review

Having been absent for most of the year, I have been trying to keep up some form of self live via just my phone and the hall mirror. Ah such quality.

January and Feb saw my under the knife, so I know Feb was covered in bandages.. Lets see. 

Just before my surgery, I was down on myself but I am so lucky that  Heath and my mother were there for support. I couldn't choose between these two but both are just tee shirts.. :) 

Outta surgery and this was the first time I felt really good about myself. Still sore and had bandages under everything but I felt good!


I loved a few outfits in March but this stands out for cool and comfort :) 

I have very few photos from April. Go figure. :) 

Always be bright when the night is dark. May is always a tough month for me Lots of crappy history

Slim pickings for Juny. I lived in Jeans apparently


Depth of winter.. !!

I love this "sweater"  dress. I actually have three in different colours.

Exam month for uni. Weather still cold... The thickest cardi I owned with my fav, sea creature skirt from Betty Le bon Bon

This was a cool month, so you see a rare cardigan. The end of this month saw me on holiday to the UK :) 

This month saw me and Heath in the UK with his family. This was one of his favourites so its a happy memory.

Lots happened this month that was negative. 3 deaths in 3 weeks and so many bills Heath and I was left a tad breathless at the constant stream. This photo was the first time I got to see the efforts of my exercise and food management.



Do you like any of these? Should I have included some fancier dresses? 


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