Thursday, January 12, 2017

Returning to old (and good) habits

Way back in the dawn of time, I had a running blog. I was also a mean Bujo keeper and it was these activities that kept me sane when life was nothing but a slog uphill with a boulder.  (10 points of you get that reference without the link :) 

The last few months has seen me tip my toes back in to running and it was my teen that got me back almost full time. The caveat is it is inside and on a treadmill due to my old injuries. I am aching but no massive ouchies and I can cope with foot pain. Hell. I wear heels daily, foot pain is normal. 

A lady on one of my FB groups made a lovely spread and so, in my diary, I copied. (I showed her my copy, she was fine with this. He name is at the bottom - myuni referencing kicked in. LOL ) 

I have found this simmering flame of my old running self again and hopefully I will not be sidelined for years with injury this time. Heath did point out that my long runs will forever be out of the question as my knees will not survive 21k or 42km but Fabian has asked me to do the City to Surf one more time and Heath's colleague ( and an old friend of mine) wanted to go into the Macarthur colour run. All these things have me inspired to follow my year's word  _ ACHIEVE_. 

If not for my fitness ambitious teen, I would still be struggling to walk 2km. :) Now I can run (slowly) for 10mins. #teamturtle

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