So I go into work

I see a note in the diary, no information about possession in diary even though there was a note in the diary about looking in the TRB. (train register book) arrgghhh I have since found out that it was a Signaller trainer as the guy who can't read. FFS we pay these ppl extra $4 an hour and they can't read. Makes you wonder.

On top of this, I get a report that the level crossing was not working. Eep!!!!!! Morning peak trains are starting to arrive. I had to warn all trains. I looked for the IBA (book out form) and looked in the diary and TRB. nothing. I warned trains for an hour before we found the IBA. The Signaller that did not file it correctly got blasted by me. He caused unnecessary delays and heaps of work for me.

This was only the first 4hrs... I have 8 to go. Now on my favourite freight panel so it should calm down.

Back to the zoo trip.

As u all know D drove all night from Canberra to get home in time to take us to the zoo. We decided to park at Mortdale as Fabian had to be dropped home. Alas both he and I will miss the driver's picnic at the reptile park. I missed my picnic due to the melbourne trip but I digress.

We left D to sleep at least 5 hours, I even slept in Fabian's bed so D could get more sleep. Fabian was in my bed as I have air conditioning in my bedroom.

This meant that I missed the reptile keepers talk only on once a day at 1130. This was disappointing but unavoidable. I just live too far from Sydney to make it there.

The ferry ride was awesome as always, there was a first fleet class supplementing the zoo service as on weekends, one of the two lady class ferries does an inner harbour tour, leaving one to soldier one. The little first fleet class was packed.

We caught the bus to the top of the cliff to walk down the zoo. Taronga zoo is built into the mossman cliff face and is quite steep. They are renovating the old historical main entrance so I could not photograph it :-(
The zoo opened on October 16 1916. It covers 52 acres of highly desirable land in Sydney harbour. It has 2600 animals of 340 species.
Taronga means beautiful view. And it sure lives up to this name.

Wiki has a nice photo of the entrance


We used the voucher a colleague gave me one day, he overheard me talking about wanting to see the only Tuatara in the country. ( see previous blog)

Fabian starting taking shots, and was doing very well then gave it up. :-( sad making a gifted kid that won't work at things.

I saw my Tuataras. Two of the three. It was obvious which was male. :-) such cuties. Shame there are so very rare. Lots of other reptiles but I think the reptile exhibit is showing it's age. The zoo is always updated and I hope this area will be next.

A huge Komodo dragon provided entertainment went he refused to let his keeper leave.

I found coffee! Yay! First and only of the day.

I took lots of photos of the view. I never ever get bored with Sydney harbour. Not a fan if cities, but on the harbour I am happy.

After the tigers..

We eventually sat down at the bird show. Heat beat down so all the people attempted to huddle in the tiny amount of shade and wait for the show.

Again the view kept me entertained.

The bird show is quite good. It is short, but u get to see the owls and our lovely wedge tailed eagle. They have birds that collect coin donations and put the coins in a donation box. Cute gimmick.
By this time, Fabian, being a growing boy, was hungry again. Sigh. Zoo food is over priced as are most zoos. $30 bought us one adult burger with chips & drink, one child's burger, chips & drink and a third drink. Geez. All the shops were closing and all the food was what was left over. Mind you, the meat patties were yummy.
As the zoo wound down for the day, we got to the aquarium. Nothing in the big tank, but the lighting made it look like an underwater city

The penguins flew overhead. Lol

We took a detour to the cablecar, David actually getting me into a bubble. I loathe these things. But of course the view was awesome.
On the return bubble journey, we saw the pacific sun departing Sydney. Yay! That certainly distracted me from being in a fibreglass bubble.

Homewards saw us on a lady class, the Lady Heron. I love these old ladies and this ship did not have the modified gangway just the old sliding panels. The ladies sail sedately across the harbour, no rush, if you miss a shot, you have plenty of time to recompose.

Managed to get my camera splashed due to the high swell but luckily, i had just put the lens cap on. Will need to wipe down my camera when i get home.
The opera house had an Opera stage set up in the forecourt. Why people are going nuts about a rich american talk show host is beyond me.

Train to mortdale and our day trip came to a close.

D, as exhausted as me, was happy to head home. We did a detour to moorebank maccas where we saw the youngest employee ever..

A little older than Fabian.
Our shakes were mixed.. Ugh. My pink tasted like caramel.

There were some "high class" people who a fuss about a dirty table. They also ordered far too much food and crammed into one booth. It was hilarious watching them pick through what they had bought. Sussing it all out.
The young kid and another young kid, wiped the table down, the father admonishing the kids working to make him happy. He then re-wiped the table again. Sigh. Why did they even bother going into maccas? Plenty of other places they could harass.

Home, geotagging & bed.

Will do a photo blog when I get home.

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