Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Xmas Nightmare

I tried to have a pleasant day. I did. It started pretty good, I went to Mother's place and she cooked a lamb roast with little puddings for dessert.
She had to go to work so I left at midday.. As I had 5 hours to kill, I headed to the airport. I watched planes playing with the cameras on the phone. I had the car shut down except the radio.. Around 1500hrs, I decided to head off to work early and give the day guy an xmas present. Went to start the car and it was dead! REALLY? A two month old car can't handle the radio being on for 2 hours??
I tried to push start it alone... Noone helped.. the other people there totally ignored me. Great. I ended up stuck in the dune. BAH.
I rang Nissan road side..they said 30 -45 minutes. YAY. Just in case, I rang work and told them what had happened.
Did I mention that it was raining?
The roadside guy rang me and got directions, rang me again, having gotten lost. He was close.

We (Yes, we) worked on the car. He had to test the battery, but in the hour I had been waiting, I had managed to start the car and get it out of the dune. He had to try to get the battery to fail or I had to get a new one from Nissan. This took ages..  To de-activate the alarm, we had to take the scoop of the turbo off. ARGGHH who put the alarm box under the turbo?? We ended up having to use his jump start kit to fool the alarm.

Ended up at work late and wet through. Least Work was pleasant made possible by the lovely NSW trains lady who arranged food for everyone.

Mother's ham was a hit.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Being social

Spent the afternoon yesterday at the Palms Nursing home to visit my Father-in Law. The Family was already there except for David who had picked me up from the station. Turkey was already on the table.
The staff brought around beers which Karen and I enjoyed.
The entertainment was a lady singing who also acted as MC. I am sure Karen has photos. :-) When she updates her Blog.
edit : Sylvia sent me some photos..

Came home and was exhausted but had to go to the PO as the staff had not given David all of the mail so we had to line up in the Xmas queue. It was worth it as my Note 3 had finally arrived.

Back to Avon. I had along break and this time I am not going to do a territory. I hope it will be easier than last time. More internet access. YAY!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I have been playing with android

?I have fallen in love with an android app.I read about it on Twitter I think, someone mentioned that they had to use a native app and they would prefer Waze. So I looked it up.
Waze is a social network gps app that is rather fun to use but very helpful.
I have used it on my commute and last night was the best test of it.I was driving from home to work in my husband's car which does not had built in gps.
The screen flashed up a warning about a traffic build up that was at stop.Luckily for me as the tail end of the traffic jam was over a crest but I was able stop easily.The idea is you would avoid the areas but in this case read the only route possible.
In the app, you can join groups and you see warnings from that group about local issues and on the freeways, you can see if there Is a police speed trap both hidden and visible.
The app will not allow the driver to type but the icons are big enough to tap safely
(Your phone is mounted safety right?) And you can add your own hazards on the way.
This is an android only app that I would highly recommend especially as the app is totally free.

Google play store

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I lovely car has been for sale for 3 weeks. I have had a few people ring and email about it and make appointments BUT  stood up every time. Lots of spam and time wasters. I have been greatly upset by this whole process. This year has been crap from month to month. Even looking at the good parts, its overshadowed by the bad stuff and this is just another irritation.
Bad - I have lost friends this year. - One by suicide and two by heart attacks. None by cancer so far but the year is not over.
Good - A friend had a baby and I have been watching her grow through facebook
Bad - David moved away
Good -Dunno yet. Maybe lets just count letting him chase his dream
Bad- Ex-husband lost his father to liver disease
Good - Nil
Bad - Husband lost his grandmother this year
Good - Nil
Bad- Father-in-law is not a well man at all. Was diagnosed with brain tumour (One? More?)
Good - Nil
Bad - Mother selling the farm
Good - She will be free from a huge debt and work load
Bad - Husband's lease expired and car still not sold
Good - He has a new car
Bad - My lease will expire soon and it will cost $5000 upfront to auction
Good - I have a new car
Bad - New Lunatic PM.
Good - Nil to Australia at all
Actually this is the biggest danger to me and my family. One of us stands to lose our job or at least the reason for working.... Pay.
Good - Job I love
Bad - Where do I start?
       - Interfering upper management
       - 600 km from David
       - Hours suck in a major way
       - Payroll officer with an issue re paying people their entitlements
Bad - Sold out all of my leave
Good - Debt is almost manageable.
Bad- I will be working well into my 70s IF I still have a job.

Well I can go on but this will probably count at the highlights of 2013.


Now spiders are following me everywhere. Mostly Huntsmen like this one but the occasional funnel web turns up, and a few house spiders. Wish they would stay outside away from my hand hold areas. I massaged one by accident recently as he was on the car INSIDE the door. IGH. Soft and furry is NOT what you wanna feel when you open the door. 

I am pining for a dog again. Still need a fence but my friend is not coming down these days to finish it, NOT That I have the money to buy the rest of the panels. UGH. Can 2013 die already please? 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Bits and pieces

This is a note I wrote about my last visit to Junee. Maybe only of interest to Family but it was written with a stylus on a Samsung Tab 10.1. Did ok.

A small basic beginners android app for Andy's Cat

If anyone has a purring sound, I would rather use that.. LMK

A quote from Girt a fantastic book on Australian History "

147 "There is something quintessentially Australian about the 1808 revolution. The Americans have the midnight ride of Paul Revere and the Declaration of Independence. The French have the storming of the Bastille and the execution of a king. The Russians have Lenin, Trotsky and six years of starvation, terror and mass murder. We 
have a bit ofa sing-along and a crazy chick with a small paper umbrella."

and November 1-15 journal for your eye searing pleasure. Now if the damned gardener would turn up!!! Two weeks late and the storm will hit here before he bothers to turn up

Friday, November 22, 2013

Habpndwriting using a stylus on a tablet

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blue arsed fly

This months has had me burnign the candle at both ends. Literally getting only 2-4 hours a day sleep. Needless to say I am exhausted. Today is a rare day off and yet I was still runnign around and its raining so my pile of washing is getting critical.


In the mean time.....
David's car is for rushedsale. ie I have to sell it by the end of November...

 My car is also for sale Some kickstarter project that interest me..

Very important as I was unable to have this time with my offspring so I am wanting to help others reach out to their children

Raven fans should get behind this one, only a week to go

had a lovely catch up phone call from Ken and now back to bed. I live a riotous life style

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A little advertising

I have been crasily busy with work and some recent down time due to headaches and sinusitis has not been relaxing. BUT I have managed to get on top of my pen pal pile of pending replies. YAY!!

I buy my stationery from one of two shops and one lady, Julie from Pen pal of the week blog had her own etsy store.
Due to her busy schedule and her planes for the future, she is reassessing her store and is now doing limited editions of stationery. For 1 week only! she had a design for sale on her blog and for an international customer, her rates are very reasonable. $10US for 25 sheets including postage and $16 for 50 sheets.

You can find her stationery of the week for week 1 here

Lovely lady and I would urge any writers to go and have a look at her stuff. Fountain pen friendly!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

22ND -24th October 2013

24th October 2013


23rd October 2013


22nd October 2013


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20th 21st October 2013

20th October 2013


21st October 2013


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16th- 18th October 2013

16th October 2013


17th October 2013


18th October 2013


13- 15th October 2013

13th October 2013


View from Central Tram Stop

IR in Belmore Park

14th October 2013

GRR Sideways!!!

15th October 2013


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11th &12th October 2013

11th October 2013


12th October 2013


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David's Birthday!!

Sorry I couldn't be there on the day. :-(

10th October 2013

Happy Early Birthday David!
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8th & 9th October 2013

More randomness

9th October 2013

8th October 2013


9th October 2013


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6th & 7th October 2013

Random Days pass by

7th October 2013

6th October 2013


7th October 2013


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4 th & 5th October 2013

Combined Days

5th October 2013

4th October 2013

5th October 2013


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3rd October 2013

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2nd October 2013

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1st October 2013

My archive of the past month. UNEDITED so apologies for whatever. :-)

1st October 2013

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Saturday, September 14, 2013


I have dropped the ball on my on-line journal and in August I even dropped my paper journal. Sigh. August and Sept are easy as in a nut shell I have been sick on and off for some reason. I am so rarely sick that this puzzles me.

David did take me on a day trip to the mysterious “Woosang” of Victoria. It took him 5 hours of driving to get to the far western Victorian farm, and when we got there, nothing. Not a sign, a location or even an abandoned farm house.

On the way down we found some great big things.

The Big Roo and Emu



The Big spider


And  a snail mail with email

 (Must find photo)

Poor David was tired and disappointed. As he put in “Woosang” in NSW has at least a house on it. We returned to the street sign as this was the only mention of Woosang in the area.

We headed for Echuca, where David had a room for the night.

We pulled up at the station so he could photograph a local service only to find that it had caught fire down the track and was cancelled. Poo.


We has passed through Boort, the name amusing me. Later, I find the family had come from Boort and many distant relatives live in Boort and a lot more are buried there. Curious 6 degrees of separation there.


The return trip was marred by a run in with a piece of truck. A HUGE piece of truck that shredded the rear tyre.L A quick change and we had breakfast at the Big Strawberry. Alas, their EFTPOS was down so we had to scrounge around for cash. BOO. Still, the pancakes were excellent. J


David has to go to work so we raced home.


I lived essentially quietly the rest of the time.


Work is dragging as I have been spare for essentially three weeks. Waste of my time travelling 2 hours each way but its what I am paid to do. BAH

I made a cake 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A hole is where my heart is. My two favourite men are gone & my son is inaccessible.
Leaving the house is an eternal struggle. If I am not being paid, I am probably not going to leave the house. 

Must clean the hovel up.

Again. Bah.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

in Junee

So, I finally get time off. I went down to Melbourne, to catch up with people, but when I got there, they seemed to have dropped off the planet. :(
David took me to the Oriental TeaHouse for dumplings. I loved it. As my close ppl know, I love Asian things, so this little tea house was right up my alley.
Wagu beef dumplings were delicious, and I did enjoy tasting the different teas. very relaxing.

Came across a broken rail, some guy told me it was an expansion joint. hahaha its not like my years of experience, the train driver, signal electrician would know anything. I was irritated, but Druey backed me up. yay!!

Andy popped in as I was leaving Melbourne, just long enough to say hi

Today was a quiet day, we had to go to the farm. Collected some random stuff then headed for Wagga. David now realises he lost his wallet. OOPS it was still in Junee Oh well. :) We managed.

we did some night shots last night.. i was playing with a new camera, the OM-D

see the level crossing go down

a light engine passes by..

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