Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Thank goodness the compulsory Retail season is over. I hate xmas and the need to buy ppl presents. I buy people presents through the year as I see things I think they like and resent having to do extra just because it is expected. My friends know this. If you dont love people enough to buy them stuff through the year, then its all pretty shallow.
Still it was a reasonable time, only insulted once and from an odd source so depression was short and put into perspective when I found out that a friend;s granbaby is in hospital from a near drowing. Life sux but others have it worse.

Anyway mother saw fit to nag me on xmas day driving me to work grateful to be there.. And I was dragged out of bed after work really early to go to my In-laws and I was late anyway ! Sigh. I was a zombie. I really was not alright and couldn't shake the fuzzy feeling.
Boxing dinner

They encourage these pests.. But once you start its too late. You cannot stop feeding these birds or they destroy your house. Oh well.
It was most pleasant once my brain kicked in.. and I had my cameras too. :-) I forgot to change the battery on my fisheye so wasted two shots with that.



A short stop at Peter Neve's before heading to Helen's. She fed us again but I had to rush off and so it looks bad. BUT I had to go.

Of course no sleep and a busy start was not good. Luckily I managed not to bugger anything up. I collapsed into bed and slept for most of my day off on Tuesday. A whole day. Bit of a waste.

Friday, December 23, 2011


Xmas flowersXmas flowers

Today was Druey's Solistce party. I was actually looking forwards to this, and even with everything in the background, this is the party of the year for me.
 I was able to spend a quick hour or two with Tim and his family. For once it was comforting to be amongst a family even if its not my family. The girls were excitable and little Cate kept ttaking photos with the cat camera I gave her. Luckily I gave her 5 rolls of film.. I think I will need to give her a box of 20 rolls of Kodak.  
I would love to get real feedback esp as most of my present to this family were hand made in someway. 

I was thrilled with how the canvaspop canvas turned out and I do hope Tim liked it. I was surpirsed at the great quality of a hipstamatic photo. 

Robin and her lizard seemed to bond. The bluetongue never liked me. Funny how these things work out. 
Robin's present
Onwards to Druey's and we had the pie that Tim's MIL made for me. She made a HUGE pie. Plenty for all and still some for me to take to work.



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekend away

Actually had a " sort of" weekend away... It was sunday and part of monday. SO David took us to River Island mainly because he had stuff to pick up from there but thats ok.

It was over cast and raining almost all the time. Sigh.. Its supposed to be summer and although I have no issue with the cold, I am over this bloody rain. It hasn't stopped since late november.

Played with IR, and the canon 1N not much digital with the 7D. Tried to get shots of a bower bird but didnt manage to catch him in his nest. :-( Too many passers by.

Bower bird nest.

A male Bower Bird makes his nest in a dry river bed nearby. #bird #iloveaustralia

Our under cabin resident. #iloveaustralia #wombat #animal

Bullio at Sunset #canong5 #infrared #iloveaustralia #canon

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Adventures in IR

So a modified Canon 10D arrived in the mail on Thursday. I opened it all up and was disappointed that there was no battery. So I shelved it and ordered a battery on ebay. I put the box away so I can recycle it.

I was packaging up the ebay sales last night and re-opened the box that originally had the Canon 10D in it, out fell a battery and a charger. AARGGHGHHH Two days wasted of IR Shooting.. I was annoyed at myself.

This morning I took the IR Camera out for a spin. Very exciting. :-) see what you think.

Picton in IR

Picton in IR

Picton in IR

Picton in IR

Picton in IR

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Xmas hermitage

AH its that time of year when I hide from people. I loathe this time of year (NO surprise, I biych about it every year) SO as it ticked over to Dec 1, I have increased my online presence and not gone to the shops except! my 50mm f/1.8 that I inherited from D, fell apart. Literally, fell out of its casing.

50MM F/1.8 fell apart.

So David and I braved the stores, of course after 1700hrs so the least amound of ppl would be there.
Talked to JB Campbeltown who accused me of having a fraudulant receipt for them to match a price. Fuck you then. They apologised when they rang the store listed. They did not match the price though. I stormed out, I don't take kindly to being called a criminal.

Dick smith couldn't reduce the retail price on an ex-demo. huh. Its essentially used..

Up to the camera shop where the guys where friendly, and we had a long chat. I eventually bought the lens from them even though they could only go down to $128. Its customer service guys!!! Treat people like valued people and they buy stuff from you even if its higher than the other guys.

SO I have a new 50mm.

The freeway to the city has been exceptionally bad recently. Took David 2 hrs 45 mins to get to sydney. Its only 2 hours by train. WHo says driving is faster?? I have noticed it has been getting worse. A few days ago at 6am, the traffic in the city direction was queued back past Narellan road. (THis is way out of the city)

Cloudy and Cool first day of summer
P&O arrived in Sydney Dec 1st

Weather has been shit for the whole week. We have had the coldest summer start since 1967 and I an sure my US friends are having warmer weather. They are certainly laughing at us. :-) So much for summer. lol I don't mind the temps, but the constant rain is a bit wearing.

Government House Sydney
Government House Sydney
Had to resort to Iphone ir to get any descent shots last time I was in the city.

Cloudy and Cool first day of summer
Dec 1st 2011. Grey and Dreary

Got an IR camera, but due to the postal laws, the battery wasnt shipped with it. The stupid part of this is I had to order a battery which is being shipped from HK.. GRR if it comes in a camera or phone, its a hazard, if its shipped in a plastic cover its OK? whats the diff? ANYWAY this means no shooting for all of dec so far. I did take out the digital and shot some night scenes but not the same as SYdney under a blue sky.

Railway at night
Oscar at Strathfield

Infrared PLay..
Digital IR. Canon 7D red filter

Oh night shift for the stupid season, or as I now call it (Thanks Big Bang Theory) The non optional Social convention.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Unhappy employees

Its very telling of upper management when almost all employees are looking to bail. Its not only me, but several people in my workplace and other complexes. The older guys are now arranging their plans to retire, us slightly younger people just want something else. Of all the people I work with 75% are out looking. I am sure many other complexes have the same ratio.
This speaks volumes of management. Upper management are happy to gie themselve large pats in the pack, whilst treating lower grades as children.
The addition of new levels of supervision have only accellerated the evacuation. I have witnessed a jump in sick leave. One shift had 5 people on a shift of 8 go sick in a 5 minute period.
We have two trainees, if the guys retire nect year as they plan and if I and my colleagues find alternatives, what will they do?

Its unbearable. People are even being explosive, two guys last night nearly came to blows almost like fighting dogs and had to be seperated. This is mearly stress findind an outlet. Would you work here?

My boggest issue, it that I have been employed here in various roles since my very early 20s. I have no knowledge outside of my speciality. I have a childish reseume. I am working on this.
help me............

I need to go back to my aviation training and re-learn technical writing. I used to be excellent at all this but my cushy job for the past 18 years has made me soft.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

week 19 to 27 November


This weekend was SUPPOSED to be Temora. We had planned to be there for the Saturday airshow. ALAS my shifts didn't allow for a safe drive and Daivd and Tim were both working anyway throughout the weekend.. SO I had a weekend with Fabian.

It was raining. The whole weekend was wet and miserable for outside activity.
Fabian's Geko phone needed a new sim but the account was long closed.. so we walked around all the telcos asking to try sim cards.. We discovered it was vodafone. (Shudder) This though meant I could buy a $20, 365 sim and now his phone is back on line and it is so much cheaper for me than it was before.

I allowed Fabian to choose some PS3 games for Xmas and we ended up staying inside for most of the weekend.

When it did stop raining, we tried out the iphone helicopter. The big issue with this copter is range. You cant allow it to travel too far from the iphone. :-(

We developed a roll of film in the AGFA Daylight tank but it was not a good a result as my usual tank, uneven development.


The mail today was a surprise. I was not expecting the huge box that arrived.
My three *X10 developing tunes were int he box. YAY! Now I can do large format in the sink. SOme F-1s and a bit of film. Rather cheered up my day.

23-25 Nov

Busy few days at work. The new supervisors I have worked with have been excellent. I have also been happy to fob off some difficult Protection officers heehee.. Of course there are three others I have not worked with.. So we shall see.

MC92 derailed on Thursday.. caused Wollongong to be cut off from SYdney.
Will take until Monday or Tuesday before the track will be opened.

2011-11-24_0648-45 MC92 derailment at Clifton

2011-11-24_0701-14 MC92 derailment at Clifton

2011-11-24_0701-23 MC92 derailment at Clifton

Thursday, November 17, 2011

so the president arrived

The USA president flew in today. I was a little reluctant to drive down to Canberra just to photograph Airforce 1. But I went.

Arrived just in time to get a great spot and we watched the modified 747 land. Then bolted over to the road to get the motorcade. The federal police were quite tolerant and allowed us to get across the street just before the parade of cars went past. WIn. Was worth the effort esp as I got to have dinner at the Paragon in Goulburn :-)

President Obama visits Canberra

Airforce 1 lands in Canberra

Airforce 1 arrives in Canberra

Monday, November 14, 2011

A lean week

I have been continuing my hectic work schedule, alas its probably at my health's expense. I have to start refusing the rostered overtime, the last week has been tough. I have had two three day headaches in a week, I am easily upset and had a major snap at D. He was trying to help a friend but it ruined my plans for the arvo, causing a huge fight. It took ages for us both to calm down. WOke up with yet another headache that lasted three days. :-(

I have three days off. Leave. Not days off. I need this time. Hopefully I can spend some calm with Fabian.

Have had no time to process my photos from Bondi. :-/
Here are a few

Sculpture by the sea 2011

Sculpture by the sea 2011

Sculpture by the sea 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sculpture by the sea

David arranged for me to go to the Sculpture by the Sea.

I finsihed work in a very bad mood, the boys had waited to take me to the pub for dinner and some well deserved alcohol. We returned to Evan's place and he graciously let us stay. Alas it was a hot sydney night and so I couldn't sleep. I don't think the boys did either, as Evan was impossible to get out of bed. Beau did and we took him with us to Bondi/Bronte.

The exhibition was great but there were several pieces that were very similar to previous years. A shame.

The sunrise was stunning, and the morning was blue and sunny, perfect for photography.


Comfort Zone by Alessandra Rossi

spindrift 2010 by Bronwyn Berman

You Wish by John Fitzmaurice NSW

Simply Black and White 2010 By Alan Julie Aston ACT

Rollin Pin 2004 by Keid Moseholm Denmark

Look this way by Ken Unsworth AM NSW

I have been Dreaming to be a tree.. by Byeong Doo Moon South Korea

We returned to Newtown where I found a camera to die for but alas the shop was closed and I dont have the money anyway, so we dropped Beau home and David headed to Ashfield to buy me a battery for my canon who decided to spit the dummy. At $12 each its not cheap. ugh

David collected his free slurpie from 7/11 who was giving them away and headed for Manly.

Manly was a nightmare. The heat and lack of sleep had started a headache and I was tired from no sleep. The suburb has no parking and people everywhere. David went into a multi-level carpark, decided to try the street, departed, found out that all of sydney wanted to be in Manly so we returned to the multilevel carpark. We hurried to the ferry but missed it.

Next ferry was almost empty as was the harbour. Nothing amazing to shoot. David got us to the Darling Harbour Ferry to see the Pacific Jewel and we returned to the Manly ferry. The volendam was also in town so we took this opportunity to shoot her. We saw the bridge climb poeple as dots on the arch, one of which was most likely Tim as he and his wife were doing the climb at that time.

Manly was steamy when we returned and so we found a place to eat. Average place but better than fast food. We discovered that the council here charge you from the first time you go into a car park, and although we departed and returned, we were being charged from the first entry. Stupid idea. We ended paying $14 and squeaked in before the clock ticked over to o$21 ugh.. It was becoming an expensive visit.

Headed up to the heads to wait for the three ships Davidi was here for. The Jewel left then the storm hit, making the city all hazy with rain. :-(

Storm at North Head

Still we waited and finally the tanker and volendam departed sydney.

Homeward bound I kept falling asleep, and after a well deserved shower I simply crashed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Day Two of the Fly-in

Brushwood silo
Brushwood Silos

Woosang farm
Sunset at Woosang

The sun was out, the sky blue but the wind! Oh well, its what blew the clouds away. Huzzah!

We didn't stay long though, we had a long drive ahead and maybe see a train or two on the way. We also had to meet up with Mother to hand back her keys. Although she was angry at me losing my keys, it turns out she didn't tell me abou the middle gate which is new. Ugh. Even if I had my keys with me, I would not have been able to access the house via the driveway. Sigh

Woosang farm
Dawn at Woosang

ANyway we found a wheat train 2331 sitting in Ardlethan siding so the boys went to shoot that. There is a lovely little park right next to the track and it was a rather relaxing spot for a break.

Onwards to Temora where we stopped at the Tiger moth cafe, really a burger/milk bar. Its the place to be in Temora, with all ages turning up, from the old lady with her coffee in the corner to the 14 year old Jail bait cuties coming in for their chips and gravy. The place was packed!!The man who runs it seems to know everyone, calling the patrons by name. Cool but greasy all at the same time. FYI the BP around the corner from this cafe has public toilets open.. :-)

The long stretch now as We had to get to meet mother and also be home by 1600 to hand Jane over to Tim for Transport to her new home.

Fail we arrived home at 1630, meaning Tim was sitting in Picton, (maccas, Fore station and Station) for 30 minutes, but the roadworks were piece meal and traffic annoyingly busy.

On arrival, with Tim now on the door step, he was amazed that I was not kidding, the grass really was a tall as him... :- )
He helped me threat the bigger snakes, one with a burn, (Bloody heat mats) not a bad burn, one with mites and to bag Jane up after treating her for mites (She doesn't have any but once one in the house has them, you have to assume all of them do)

Jane didn't like the handeling, she is head shy as she cannot see you clearly, so she panicked. Aw. She settled and we managed to get her bagged up and safely in a travel box.
Tim had to sail off to meet this guy before his GF stole him to go to dinner. :-) From what I hear, he barely made it. Traffic for him was a bad as it was for us..  Thank you Tim for the transport services. Much appreciated.

He zoomed off with his snakey friend and just made it to Shane's place.
Both Tim and SHane seemed happy with the transaction, Tim with the guy and Shane with his prize. He told me later (Shane) that he sat up with her all night and patted her. She never allowed me to do that so she must like him.

Now some shots of the weekend

Sunset at Demondrille

Cunningar Level Crossing

Leeton fly-in

Tiger Moth 80th Anniversary Fly-in weekend

Tiger Moth 80th Anniversary Fly-in weekend

Tiger Moth 80th Anniversary Fly-in weekend